CAS 30/6000/390 - S 2 Z TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1

Repairs & Refurbishments

The CAS 30/6000/390 - S 2 Z(R) - T815-PR2 6x6.1 Water Tender was created by reconstruction and modernization of the original model CAS 32 - T815-PR2 6x6.1.
The Water Tender is designed to carry a fire brigade crew (1+5), equipment and extinguishing media to extinguish fires of highly flammable substances by application of water or foam using the low or high water pressure, even in areas where water is lacking. The vehicle can be used by ordinary fire & rescue brigades, in chemical plants, refineries, mines, warehouses of flammable substances or at airports and in areas with a high risk of fire hazard.

CAS 30/6000/390 - S 2 Z TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1


Vehicle dimensions
Length (without cable winch) 8 620 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Height 3 150 mm
Ground clearance below axle 390 mm
Fording capability 1 200 mm
Vehicle weights
Operating weight 13 040 kg
Gross vehicle weight 21 000 kg


Model TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1
Engine model TATRA T3-930.37
Engine output 235 kW/2 200 min-1
Drive 6x6 (front axle drive can be disengaged)
Gearbox mechanical, 10 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Brake system independent brake systems: service, emergency, parking
Electrical system voltage 24 V
(2 batteries of 12 V 180 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity 150 l
Maximum vehicle speed 95 km/h


Type cab-over-engine, four-door, hydraulically tilted
Number of seats 1 + 1 + 4


Material frame made of aluminium
profiles and covered with
aluminium plates glued-on


Water tank capacity 6 000 l
Foam concentrate tank capacity 390 l


Low-pressure system
Rated flow rate 3 000 l/min
Rated working pressure 1.0 MPa
Rated suction lift 3.0 m
High-pressure system
Rated flow rate 250 l/min
Rated working pressure 4.0 MPa


Hose dimensions DN 25/60 m
Branchpipe gun-type, allowing to control flow rate and discharge cone
Rated flow rate 200 l/min
Rated working pressure 4.0 MPa


  • external water level indicator
  • external foam concentrate level indicator
  • THTronic electronic foam proportioning control system
  • roof monitor
  • additional hose reel with DN 25/60m hose and gun-type branchpipe
  • front nozzles for firefighting during driving
  • towing equipment for trailer
  • electric recovery cable winch
  • light mast
  • electric generator

Technical modifications reserved. 10/2014




The basis is still the Tatra chassis with swing half-axles and the rear axle stabilizers, new shock absorbers and positioning valves of TATRA pneumatic suspension. It is an all-wheel drive chassis with front axle drive that can be disengaged. The chassis undergoes a complete overhaul, blasting, and gets a new surface finish. The chassis is fitted with a new four-door, electrically tilted cab for six-member crew with extraordinary space in front of the second row of seats. It is also possible to use a short cab. The cab can be equipped with air conditioning system, independent heating, electrically operated heated rear-view mirrors.
The engine is resealed, the pump and the injection nozzles are checked and adjusted, and the engine is tested on a test bench. It is also possible to install a new engine TATRA V8.
On the gearbox the synchronization is checked, all rubber parts are replaced and after completion with the auxiliary gearbox the functionality test and the tightness test is performed. Optionally, the automated gearbox TATRA-NORGREN can be installed.
The chassis can also be equipped with wiring harness and airline harness for trailer. Instead of the tyres Barum 445/65R22.5, supplied as standard, tyres of other brands can also be used, as well as tyres having the size 14.00R20 with new disc wheels.


The original fire superstructure is fully replaced with a new modern superstructure made of special aluminium profiles screwed together using prismatic screwed joints and covered with aluminium plates bonded to the frame. The chassis design allows installation of the superstructure without any subframe.
Superstructure is divided into three separately installed parts:
- front compartment for accessories,
- rear compartment for accessories and pumping equipment,
- tank for water and foam concentrate.
The inside equipment of the front and the rear compartment is made of moulded aluminium plate. The top platform is covered with the same plate bonded to the frame. Sides of the compartments, as well as the lower storage cabinets, are closed with aluminium roller shutters with handles across the whole width of the shutter. Compartments are illuminated with LED strips.
On the rear wall of the rear compartment there is a hinged door closing the pumping equipment compartment including the control panel. Ladder allowing the access to the top working platform is also mounted on the rear wall. The ladder has non-slip finish.
The tanks for water and foam concentrate make up one unit. The tank is made of stainless plates AISI 316L welded together and provided with protective surface passivation. It is of prismatic shape. On the bottom part of the tank there are welded-on brackets by which the tank is bolted to the chassis frame. Both tanks are equipped with a device for remote control of liquid volume, complete with external indication on sides.
Fire pump according to ČSN EN 1028-1 is installed in the rear compartment. It consists of a low-pressure stage and a high-pressure stage.
Roof monitor is removable. It is connected to the delivery piping using a quick-acting adapter. Monitor movement in horizontal plane is 360°. Monitor inclination is limited by the purpose-built vehicle body. Monitor is fitted with nozzle which allows the stream to be adjusted from straight jet to fog pattern in 100° angle.

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