CAS 32 - TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1

Repairs & Refurbishments

The CAS 32 - T815-PR2 6x6.1 Water Tender is a firefighting vehicle designed to carry a fire brigade crew (1+3), equipment and extinguishing media to extinguish fires of highly flammable substances by application of water or foam, even in areas where water is lacking.
The vehicle can be used by ordinary fire & rescue brigades, at airports, in industrial factories, chemical plants, refineries, mines, warehouses of flammable substances, in areas with a high risk of fire hazard and in emergency situations.
The Water Tender is built on three-axle TATRA chassis with longitudinal frame, equipped with centrifugal fire pump with rated flow rate of 3200 lpm, 9000 litre water tank capacity, 540 litre foam concentrate tank capacity, roof monitor and hose reel with 60 metres of hose.

CAS 32 - TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1


Vehicle dimensions
Length (without cable winch) 8 510 mm
Width 2 500 mm
Height 3 350 mm
Ground clearance below axle 390 mm
Vehicle weights
Operating weight 12 950 kg
Gross vehicle weight 22 500 kg


Model TATRA T815-PR2 6x6.1
Engine model TATRA T3-930.37
Engine output 235 kW/2 200 min-1
Drive 6x6 (front axle drive can be disengaged)
Gearbox mechanical, 10 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Brake system independent brake systems: service, emergency, parking
Electrical system voltage 24 V
(2 batteries of 12 V 180 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity 150 l
Maximum vehicle speed 95 km/h


Type cab-over-engine, two-door, tilt cab
Number of seats 1 + 3


Material frame made of aluminium
profiles and covered with
aluminium plates glued-on


Water tank capacity 9 000 l
Foam concentrate tank capacity 540 l


Rated flow rate 3 200 l/min
Rated working pressure 0.8 MPa
Rated suction lift 1.5 m
Maximum suction lift 7.5 m
Flow rate at increased pressure 1 920 l/min
Increased working pressure 1.2 MPa
Maximum pump pressure 1.6 MPa


Hose dimensions DN 25/60 m
Branchpipe high-pressure, gun-type
Rated flow rate 100 l/min
Maximum throw range 22 m


  • THTronic electronic foam proportioning control system
  • fixed or removable roof monitor
  • front nozzles for firefighting during driving
  • electric recovery cable winch
  • light mast
  • electric generator

Technical modifications reserved. 11/2014




Brakes & Pneumatic system
  • replacement of brake master cylinder
  • reconstruction of brakes (replacement of brake lining and brake drums machining, if necessary)
  • reconstruction of brake cylinders
  • reconstruction of engine brake
Frame with aggregates and axles
  • frame examination, repair if necessary
  • reconstruction of suspension
  • reconstruction of front axle drive and locks engagement
  • reconstruction of clutch incl. booster  (clutch plate replacement)
  • chassis wiring reconstruction
  • engine and gearbox re-sealing

Driver's cab

  • reconstruction of bodywork components and wiring
  • new driver's and co-driver's seats
  • reconstruction of heating system
  • installation of fog headlamps


  • new framework made of aluminium profiles bolted together
  • new panelling made of aluminium plates bonded to body frame
  • installation of new aluminium roller shutters
  • cabinets, drawers and shelves for accessories made of aluminium plates and profiles
  • ladder for access to top platform on right side of vehicle is cancelled
  • installation of hinged ladder on rear side of the vehicle
  • installation of electric hose reel in rear right compartment


Water tank

  • new tank including baffles – tank capacity 9000 litres
  • thermal insulation and heating system is cancelled
  • reconstruction of level gauge – LED column level indicator

Foam concentrate tank

  • tank made of stainless steel plate – tank capacity 540 litres
  • new tank filler cap preventing the foam concentrate leakage
  • reconstruction of level gauge – LED column level indicator



  • pump reconstruction, delivery of new parts
  • engine speed control reconstruction
  • foam proportioning system reconstruction – hand-operated control flap
  • primer replacement


  • complete repair, new parts
  • replacement of all rubber parts and seals
  • installation of engine speed control


  • new superstructure wiring
  • installation of scene lighting – fluorescent lights
  • installation of side marker lamps
  • installation of orange warning alley at rear of the vehicle
  • installation of flashing light bar with two blue beacons
  • installation of one pair of auxiliary warning LED lights on front grille
  • installation of battery charging socket


  • steel grit blasting and degreasing
  • primer epoxy paint sprayed-on
  • sealing and grinding
  • acrylate filler sprayed-on
  • top coat sprayed-on - two-pack acrylic enamel

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