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Foundation of the Stratílek company in Vysoké Mýto – production of fire engines and accessories.


Nationalization – new name „THZ“ (Továrny hasicích zařízení, i.e. firefighting equipment factories).


Merger of THZ and the KAROSA Vysoké Mýto state enterprise.


Production of fire appliances transferred to the factory 06 Karosa Polička.


Foundation of the Továrna hasicí techniky, s.r.o. company (limited liability company) in Polička.


Továrna hasicí techniky, s.r.o. purchases the factory 06 Karosa from the State during the privatization.


Renaming to THT Polička, s.r.o.

Historie a součastnost THT

... your needs are our engine.

THT Polička, s.r.o.

Subsidies - Operational Programme: Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness
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