CAS 32 - TATRA T148 6x6

Repairs & Refurbishments

The CAS 32 - T148 6x6 Water Tender is a firefighting vehicle designed to carry a fire brigade crew (1+2), equipment and extinguishing media to extinguish fires of highly flammable substances by application of water or foam. The vehicle can be used by ordinary fire & rescue brigades, at airports, in industrial factories, chemical plants, refineries, mines, warehouses of flammable substances and in areas with a high risk of fire hazard, when fighting forest fires and in emergency situations.
The Water Tender is built on three-axle chassis, equipped with centrifugal water pump, 6000 litre water tank capacity, 600 litre foam concentrate tank capacity, roof monitor and hose reel with 60 metres of hose.

CAS 32 - TATRA T148 6x6


Vehicle dimensions
Length 8 770 mm
Width 2 500 mm
Height when loaded 2 750 mm
Ground clearance when loaded 290 mm
Vehicle weights
Operating weight 11 210 kg
Gross vehicle weight 18 530 kg


Model TATRA T148-PP5
Engine type Diesel, air-cooled
Engine output 148 kW/2 000 min-1
Drive 6x6
Fuel tank capacity 230 l
Maximum vehicle speed 72 km/h


Type all-metal
Number of seats 1 + 2


Water tank capacity 6 000 l
Foam concentrate tank capacity 600 l


Rated water flow rate 3 200 l/min
Rated working pressure 0.8 MPa
Maximum pump pressure 1.8 MPa
Rated suction lift 1.5 m
Maximum suction lift 7.5 m


Hose dimensions DN 25/60 m
Branchpipe D25, multipurpose
Rated flow rate 100 l/min
Maximum throw range 22 m


Movement in horizontal plane 360°
Vertical movement below the horizontal 30°
Vertical movement above the horizontal 90°

Technical modifications reserved. 10/2014



  • New body sides (extrusions replaced with flat sides)
  • Glued-on panelling
  • New shape of mudguards – modified from CAS 32 - T815-PR2
  • New enclosed rear compartment with cabinets for accessories on both sides and at rear
  • Openings in the rear compartment and on both vehicle sides are closed with aluminium roller shutters
  • Foam concentrate tank made of stainless steel plate
  • Foam concentrate tank filler neck complete with collar for easy filling
  • Electric water & foam concentrate level gauges, with indicators on left and right control panels
  • Modified pumping equipment control panel
  • Change in number of monitors: 1 pc instead of 2 pcs
  • Modification of pumping equipment ball cocks acc. to up-to-date model
  • Flap for suction from tank is pneumatically operated with possibility of emergency manual control
  • Pump and ball cock drainages are discharging into one point underneath the vehicle body
  • Installation of hose reel with rapid intervention equipment in the rear compartment
  • Warning device VOAZ 12 with protective cover
  • Front and rear side lamps
  • Auxiliary blue lights on driver’s cab
  • Side marker lamps
  • Reflective boards on the rear wall
  • Rear combined lamps ZKW
  • Roller shutter limit switches and cabinet lighting
  • Map reading light in front of officer’s seat
  • Voltage converter 24 V/12 V - 18 A
  • Antenna for two-way radio
  • Battery-charging connection near the driver’s door
  • Compressed air connection located close to the driver’s entry
  • Temporary location of spare wheel on the top platform
  • Rear part of the vehicle is not designed for installation of hitch for 900kg trailer
  • Surface finish with BODY 2K autolack in the following colour combination: red RAL 3000 and white 1000

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