High Pressure Extinguishing System model 3216

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The High Pressure Extinguishing System model 3216 is designed for firefighting with high water pressure. It enables a rapid intervention in case of an incipient fire and small local fire, e.g. fire in dust bins and waste containers, pyrotechnics fire, apartment fire, cellar fire, vehicle fire, grass fire, bush fire, forest fire, etc. Suitable also for various cleaning and washing work. The device can be equipped with a proportioning system enabling foam concentrate, wetting agent or detergent to be added to water.
The High Pressure Extinguishing System is characterized by high efficiency and low water consumption, immediate usability, easy operation, easy and comfortable handling and low maintenance.
It is designed for fixed installation in vehicles, such as rescue vehicles, rapid intervention vehicles, crew carriers, fire trailers, etc. Tank for water is also included in the vehicle and it is provided with a filling filter. The tank can be equipped with level indicator with remote monitoring of water quantity.
The High Pressure Extinguishing System consists of:
- high-pressure pump with gearbox,
- engine,
- through-flow hose reel with high-pressure hose,
- high-pressure branchpipe,
- proportioning system (optional).

High-pressure pump
High-pressure pump is intended for delivery of pressurized water for high-pressure firefighting. The source of pressurized water is a plunger pump equipped with control valve, manometer and pressure relief valve, that prevents pressure surges and limits the maximum pressure, thus protecting the pump against damage.
Working pressure and quantity of water can be easily controlled by rotary handle on the control valve.

The pump is powered by petrol internal combustion engine, which is directly connected to the pump via gearbox.
Hose for exhaust gas is connected to the engine connector and discharges underneath the vehicle.

Hose reel
Pump delivery pipe is connected to the hose reel via a hose. High-pressure hose is wound on the hose reel. To facilitate the high-pressure hose handling, the front part of the reel is provided with a bracket with guiding rollers ensuring an optimal hose guidance during unreeling/reeling up. Folding handle on the right side of the reel is used to reel up the hose. On the left side of the reel there is a spring-loaded locking pin used to secure the reel against accidental hose unreeling.

High-pressure branchpipe
The high-pressure branchpipe is connected to the high-pressure hose with a quick-acting coupling. The branchpipe is operated by the trigger fitted with a lock, located in the handle.
The high-pressure branchpipe is equipped with a jet nozzle to spray water. The stream pattern can be changed by rotating the nozzle.
If the High Pressure Extinguishing System is equipped with proportioning system, the branchpipe is equipped with two-position nozzle allowing foam spraying.

Proportioning system (optional)
The High Pressure Extinguishing System can be equipped with a proportioning system enabling foam concentrate, wetting agent or detergent to be added to water. The proportioning ratio is selectable within the range 0 – 6 %. Quantity of foam concentrate sucked-in is fluently controlled by a knob with scale. The proportioning in pre-selected ratio is selected by simple adjusting the high-pressure branchpipe nozzle to the proper position. The proportioning is stopped by adjusting the nozzle to the water spraying position.

High Pressure Extinguishing System model 3216


Type three-plunger
Rated pressure 5 MPa
Maximum pressure 9 MPa
Rated flow rate 21.5 l/min
Type petrol, four-stroke
Engine output 5.2 kW
Starting manual
Hose reel
Hose length 60 m
Hose inside diameter 1/2''
Reeling method manual
High-pressure branchpipe
Length 975 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Water throw range ~13 m
Throw range in proportioning mode ~10.5 m
Total weight without engine operating fluids  ~70 kg

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