Fire Monitor model 4951

Fire Fighting Equipment


The Fire Monitor model 4951 can be used either as a portable ground monitor or a fixed deck monitor. It is intended for a higher delivery of extinguishing agent. It is usable with water or foam.
Together with an adapter connected to the inlet pipe it is used as fixed monitor, in combination with a base as portable monitor.
The monitor is equipped with bayonet locks and safety lock to secure the monitor on the inlet pipe or base.
The horizontal movement is controlled by handwheel with folding handle which turns the worm gear. The vertical movement is controlled by handwheel with fixed handle which turns the worm gear.
The angle of inclination in the vertical direction is restricted by safety latch at the lowest point to ensure stability when used with the base as portable monitor.
When used as deck monitor on a fire truck, this angle can be reduced by unlocking the safety latch.
The worm gear is self-locking and it is also used as safety lock of the set position.
The monitor body is made of aluminium alloy. The inner side of the monitor body is provided with fins to regulate the water flow and thus improve flowing. This minimizes losses caused by the water flow inside the monitor.
The monitor outlet pipe is fitted with 2 ½” pipe thread, on which a fixed coupling B (75 mm) is to be screwed to enable connection of exchangeable nozzles. Nozzle can be also connected directly to the pipe.

Fire Monitor model 4951


Maximum flow rate 3000 l/min
Rated pressure 1 MPa
Maximum pressure 1.7 MPa
Horizontal movement 360°
Vertical movement with safety lock 35° - 80° (above horizontal plane)
Vertical movement with unlocked safety lock -55° (below horizontal plane)
Monitor body 10.4 kg
Adapter 4.2 kg
Base 4.8 kg

Technical modifications reserved. 03/2016


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