Command Vehicles

The VEA ŠKODA YETI Command Vehicle is designed to transport commanding officers to the fire/accident scene to perform controlling and managing activities. The command vehicle equipment is corresponding to these activities.

The technical equipment is stored in the luggage-compartment. It is a basic equipment needed for activities of managing and commanding officers, for example: first aid kit, medical gloves, hand torches, fire extinguishers, rescue tool, demarcation tape, reflective vests, lighted hand-held stop signs, folding traffic cones, seat belt cutters, etc. The luggage space is illuminated by recessed LED lights located on the inside of the tailgate.

The vehicle is equipped with a special warning light and acoustic device comprising a lowered light bar and multifunctional control in front of driver’s and commander’s seats. Recessed special additional warning LED lights are located on the front grille and at the lower side of the open tailgate.

LED map (documentation) reading light is located in front of the commander’s seat. The vehicle is equipped with Full HD in-car forward-facing camera with recording system.



Vehicle dimensions
Length 4 222 mm
Width 1 793 mm
Height at curb weight 1 730 mm
Vehicle weights
Operating weight 1 720 kg
Gross vehicle weight 2 095 kg


Brand & Model ŠKODA YETI
Engine turbo-diesel, DFS engine
Engine output 81 kW/4 500 min-1/Euro 6
Drive 4x4
Gearbox mechanical, six-speed gearbox
Brake system disc brakes with booster
Electrical system voltage 12 V (two batteries of 12 V / 200 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity 55 l
Maximum vehicle speed 175 km/h


Type single-compartment, five-door (Kombi)
Number of seats 1 + 4


Type Class A50-X
Unbraked trailer 750 kg
Braked trailer 1 800 kg


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