Hand Rail Cart 500 kg

Rail Carts

It is a lightweight means of transport operated by manpower, designed for movement on railway tracks with 1435mm gauge. It is used by fire and rescue brigades for interventions on railways in places difficult to approach (tunnels, bridges, etc.), to transport fire accessories, tools and necessary material to the point of intervention.


It consists of the loading bed with wheels fitted on its underside. The cart has folding handrails on two sides (in direction of travel) used to push and/or pull the cart. The cart sides are fitted with removable railing to facilitate the material loading and unloading. There are lugs along the perimeter of the loading area to fasten the transported material. Oval-shaped openings on the floor are used to handle the cart when it is folded. One pair of wheels is fitted with disc brakes allowing to secure the cart against self-motion. The cart is two-piece, folding for an easy transport out of the railway track.

Hand Rail Cart 500 kg


Length 1506 mm
Width 1640 mm
Height 880 mm
Loading area height above track 280 mm
Loading area dimensions  
Length 1340 mm
Width 1535 mm
Dimensions when folded  
Length 750 mm
Width 1640 mm
Height 400 mm
Wheel diameter 244 mm
Weight ~90 kg
Load capacity 500 kg

Technical modifications reserved. 05/2010



Click here for assembly drawing in PDF format.

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