CZS 40/12000 – S 3 TATRA T815-7M0RC1.371 8x8.1

Special Water Tenders (super mass class)

The Hardened Water Tender is a modification of a fire truck for high-capacity firefighting. It is designed for use in difficult terrain conditions and in environments with a high degree of risk to the vehicle operators, chassis and fire extinguishing technology. Its design allows for deployment in places with the possibility of occurrence of unexploded ammunition, in places with the possibility of occurrence of pressure cylinders and vessels, in the elimination of consequences of terrorist attacks, in chemical and petrochemical plants, in extensive natural, mainly forest fires, in reconnaissance and monitoring in a contaminated environment, and, if necessary, also for rescue work.
The vehicle design protects vehicle operators, fire extinguishing technologies, and undercarriage parts necessary for driving, especially air distribution system, fuel line, oil fillings and wiring system. The driver's cab is resistant to mechanical damage at ballistic protection level 2 (2a/b according to STANAG 4569), against the effects of environmental pollution by chemical, petroleum or toxic substances, including combat poisonous and biological substances.
The outer shell of the bodywork of the purpose-built superstructure has an increased resistance to mechanical damage, especially when passing through forest vegetation or in the ruins of buildings.

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CZS 40/12000 – S 3 TATRA T815-7M0RC1.371 8x8.1


Gross vehicle weight 36 000 kg
Length/Width/Height 11 000 mm/2 550 mm/3 300 mm
Engine Cummins ISM500
Engine output 373 kW/1 800 min-1
Gearbox Allison 4500R - fully automatic
Water tank/Material 12 000 l/nerez
Pumping equipment - rated water flow rate 4 000 l/min / 1.0 MPa
Telescopic roof monitor 4 000 l/min
Bumper monitor 1 000 l/min
Crew 1+3
Superstructure screwed from aluminium profiles, with aluminium plates glued on
Other equipment water cooling system for protection from heat, automatic extinguishing system for engine compartment

Photogallery of CZS 40/12000 – S 3 TATRA T815-7M0RC1.371 8x8.1

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