CAS 24 - TATRA T815 4x4.2 b

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The CAS 24 – T 815 4x4.2 Water Tender is designed to carry a fire brigade crew (1+5) and accessories necessary for fire fighting interventions with application of water or foam and using the low or high water pressure

CAS 24 - TATRA T815 4x4.2 b


Vehicle dimensions
Length 7 850 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Height at curb weight 3 190 mm
Ground clearance at G.V.W. 290 mm

Vehicle weights

Curb weight 11 560 kg
Gross vehicle weight 18 000 kg


Type TATRA T815-230R55/411
Engine type Diesel supercharged air-cooled engine
Engine output 325 kW/1 800 min-1
he engine complies with EURO 4 emission standards.
Drive 4x4 with engageable front axle drive
Gearbox mechanical, 14 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Brake system four independent systems, ABS
Electrical system voltage 24 V (two batteries of 12 V 180 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity (Diesel / AdBlue) 210 / 67 l
Maximum vehicle speed 120 km/h


Type four-door, forward control, tilt cab
Number of seats 1 + 5


Water tank capacity 5 000 litres
Foam concentrate tank capacity

200 litres



Rated water flow rate 2 400 lpm
Rated working pressure 0,8 MPa
Rated suction lift 3,0 m


Rated water flow rate 250 lpm
Rated working pressure 4,0 MPa


Monitor on working platform
Rated flow rate at 0.8 MPa 1 200 lpm
Throw range with straight jet 57 m
Hand nozzle on working platform
Rated flow rate at 0.6 MPa 500 lpm
Throw range with straight jet 32 m


Hose dimensions DN 25/60 m
Branchpipe gun type, allowing to control
flow rate and discharge cone
Rated flow rate 200 lpm


  • superstructure made of steel profiles and covered with
    two-side-galvanized steel plates glued-on (model 7041.36)
  • superstructure made of aluminium profiles and covered with
    aluminium plates glued-on
  • THTronic electronic foam proportioning control system
  • front protective frame
  • additional hose reel with DN 25/60 m hose and gun type
  • front nozzles for fire fighting on the run
  • electric recovery cable winch
  • light mast
  • electric generator

Technical modifications reserved. 01/2007

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