TA - S 2 CH - TATRA 815-2 4x4.2

Rescue Vehicles

The TA - S 2 CH - TATRA T815-221R45 4x4.2 Rescue Vehicle is an emergency vehicle designed primarily for the disposal of chemical and environmental accidents, to save human lives and protect property, to limit damage to the environment and for use in emergency situations and during natural disasters. For this purpose it is equipped with necessary fire accessories and equipment. In the rear of the vehicle, behind the purpose-built superstructure, there is the hydraulic loading crane with articulated boom system and telescopic extension of the main arm FASSI F110B.0.23 Active.

TA - S 2 CH - TATRA 815-2 4x4.2


Gross vehicle weight 18 000 kg
Length (without wire rope winch)/Width/Height 7 975 mm/2 540 mm/3 390 mm
Engine output/Emission standard 280 kW/1 800 min-1/Euro 5
Gearbox manual
Crew 1+1
Superstructure screwed from aluminium profiles, with aluminium plates glued on
Other equipment hydraulic arm


  • Light mast
  • Electric generator
  • Electric recovery wire rope winch
  • Hydraulic recovery winch
  • External sun visor (according to the type of chassis and crew cab version)
  • Auxiliary electro-pneumatic horn
  • Rear-view camera to monitor traffic behind the vehicle
  • Tow hitch
  • Colour finish - RAL 3024 (luminous red)
  • Aluminium box for tools on the roof (1 pc as standard)
  • Passenger seat with B.A. bracket
Please consult our sales department about the optional equipment for each particular vehicle.
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