Fire containers

Fire Containers

Fire containers are designed for single-arm container carriers having a load capacity of up to 10 tons. The container frame according to DIN 30 722 and DIN 14 505 is the base of the container. The container structure is made of welded steel profiles and the inner surface of the profiles is provided with anticorrosive coating. The body outer skin is made of two-side-galvanized steel plates or aluminium plates glued to the container structure. The containers are produced in various modifications and their application and design is consulted with customers to satisfy their expectations.


For container carrier with load capacity up to 10 000 kg
Length (incl. frame)/width/height (5 900 mm)/max. 2 500 mm/ 2 500 mm


According to the kind of fire accessories, the following types of fire containers are produced:

  • technical and rescue
  • chemical
  • for protection of inhabitants
  • for emergency survival
  • for transportation of boats
  • decontamination
  • multipurpose firefighting
  • pumping
  • containers for transport under helicopter
  • other for specific applications
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