Ceremonial handover of new vehicles for the Emergency Unit of the Czech Fire & Rescue Service

Ceremonial handover and presentation of newly acquired vehicles took place in the premises of the Emergency Unit of the Czech Fire & Rescue Service in Hlučín on Tuesday 18 February 2020.

CV 40 – T 815-7 10x10.1One of the vehicles is the CV 40 - T 815-7 10x10.1 high-capacity tank truck from our production. The CV is a modification of a fire truck for high-capacity firefighting. It is intended primarily as an extinguishing medium reservoir at the scene of emergency, or for the transport of large quantities of water within the shuttle transportation. Due to the large tank capacity (21,000 litres), the CV is also intended for refilling water into the CZS 40.

The other vehicle is the Triton hardened water tender on the chassis Tatra 815–7 4x4 Patriot with the designation CZS-15. This rugged command-reconnaissance vehicle is designed to be used in difficult terrain conditions and environments with a high degree of danger to vehicle operators. Its producer is EXCALIBUR ARMY in cooperation with TATRA TRUCKS and THT Polička (installation of fire superstructure including fire equipment).

CZS 15 – T 815–7 4x4 PATRIOT

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