HA 60 - S 1 PC Mercedes-Benz ECONIC 6x2/4

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The HA 60 - S 1 PC - Mercedes-Benz ECONIC 6x2/4 Hose Vehicle belongs to special firefighting vehicles. It is used for long-distance transport of water when fighting large fires or for rapid transfer of large volume of water. Driver’s cab is designed to carry a fire brigade crew (1+3).
The Hose Vehicle is built on three-axle chassis with driven first rear axle. The front axle and the second rear axle is rigid, steerable. All axles are suspended by air bags. Heavy weight class vehicle is designed to operate on metalled roads and it is equipped with fire pump with 6000 lpm flow rate.
The superstructure consists of two separate sections – front compartment for fire accessories and rear compartment for fire hoses and pumping equipment. Compartment frames are made of aluminium profiles screwed together using prismatic screwed connections and covered with aluminium plates glued on. Side openings of the compartments are closed with aluminium roller shutters.
The front compartment comprises the mobile fire hose roller. To facilitate the hose roller handling, the compartment is equipped with lifting platform.
The rear compartment comprises the space with partitions for 62 hoses. Length of each hose is 40 metres. Hoses are fitted with STORZ 125 couplings with locks to prevent disconnection of couplings. Total length of the hose line may be up to 2480 metres. Hoses are stored within the partitions in “zigzag” system, covered by tarpaulin. On both sides behind the rear wheels there are storage compartments containing discharge outlets and fire accessories. The fire pump is located centrally in the rear section below the operator’s place. Ladder for access to the top platform is fitted on the rear side. The ladder and the top platform is equipped with lighting which is operated from the driver’s cab and from the area of climbing to the top platform.
Method of hose storing allows simultaneous laying of two hose lines while the vehicle is moving at a speed of up to 10 km/h. The rear part of the vehicle is fitted with hinged device with guiding rollers for easier hose guidance. Between the storage boxes there is an aisle for personnel who handles the hoses.
The Hose Vehicle can be used with fire trailer, which is equipped with fire pump of the same capacity as the hose vehicle.

HA 60 - S 1 PC Mercedes-Benz ECONIC 6x2/4


Gross vehicle weight 26 000 kg
Length (without wire rope winch)/Width/Height 8 800 mm/2 550 mm/3 000 mm
Engine output/Emission standard 240 kW/2 200 min-1/Euro 5
Gearbox automatic
Pumping equipment - rated water flow rate 6 000 l/min / 1.0 MPa
Hoses DN 125 total length of hose line 2480 m
Crew 1+3
Superstructure frame made of aluminium profiles, covered with aluminium plates glued-on


  • Electric recovery wire rope winch
  • Towing equipment for trailer
  • Driven axle equipped with chain bundles
Please consult our sales department about the optional equipment for each particular vehicle.

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