Riot Control Vehicle - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x4

Riot Control Vehicles

Riot Control Vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x4 Riot Control Vehicle with its concept ranks among riot control vehicles for interventions with water, tear gas or dye. It is a special vehicle designed to operate on roads and also off the roads on rough undulating terrain.
It is built on the two-axle chassis Mercedes-Benz Actros 1836 AK and it is equipped with centrifugal pump with independent drive, water tank, tank for tear gas, tank for dye, roof monitors, self-protection system and camera system. The vehicle is designed to carry a six-member crew.

The driver’s cab is armoured, four-door, tilt cab. The driver’s and co-driver’s seats are fitted with inertia-reel safety belts and head-rests. Near by the driver’s seat, there is the monitor (display) for the rear reversing camera (the monitor is a part of the camera set). Near by the co-driver’s seat, there is the gunner’s control panel for the fire monitor (water cannon) located on the left side of the driver’s cab.
The rear row of seats is for four crew members and the seats are equipped with safety belts.
In front of the rear row of seats, there is (from the left): commander’s control panel, two folding working tables, keyboard to control the camera system, 19“ monitor used for all cameras imaging and gunner’s control panel to control the roof fire monitor on the right side.

The vehicle superstructure is made of steel, it is closed by hinged doors both on the right and the left side. In the rear part of the superstructure, there is a small door behind which there is the access to the water tank filling from hydrant. In the front part of the superstructure, there is the space for the pumping equipment and its controls. In the rear part of the superstructure, there is the water tank fabricated from stainless steel.
The tanks for tear gas and dye are fabricated from acid-resisting stainless steel and they are located on the right side of the vehicle.

The pumping equipment is installed in the front part of the superstructure and it comprises the pump with independent drive. The system is controlled from the commander’s control panel or from the control panel located in the vehicle superstructure on the right side.
The pump supplies pressurized water to roof monitors, defensive nozzles on sides and in the rear part of the superstructure and to upper and lower self-protection sprinklers.

The proportioning system allows tear gas or dye admixing into each roof monitor.
It is also possible to admix the tear gas into the defensive nozzles.

Camera system
The camera system is located in the driver’s cab. It consists of four cameras (cameras at monitors, camera on telescopic mast and rear reversing camera), two monitors (15“ for reversing camera, 19“ for all cameras) and the keyboard with joystick to operate the system.

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system installed on the vehicle is used to operate and control the vehicle windscreen protection frame, dozer blade, vehicle supports and vehicle cab tilting.

Relieving device - hydraulic supports
It is used when the vehicle is inoperative for a longer time. It consists of four separate height adjustable supports.
These supports can be extended using the linear hydraulic motors and allow the vehicle lifting and the subsequent relief for the vehicle axles, suspension and tyres.

Riot Control Vehicle - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x4


Vehicle dimensions
Length 7 700 mm
Width 2 700 mm
Height 3 900 mm
Vehicle weights
Gross vehicle weight 22 000 kg
Weight on front axle 9 000 kg
Weight on rear axle 13 000 kg


Type ACTROS 1836 AK
Engine type Diesel, supercharged, water-cooled engine
Engine output 265 kW/1 800 min-1
The engine complies with emission standard EURO 3.
Drive permanent 4x4 drive
Gearbox automatic - 16 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Brake system double-circuit air system, ABS
Electrical system voltage 24 V (two batteries of 12 V / 165 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity 300 l
Maximum vehicle speed 100 km/h


Type four-door, tilt cab
Number of seats 1 + 5


Material frame made of steel profiles and covered with two-side-galvanized plates glued on


Water tank capacity 6 500 l
Dye tank capacity 50 l
Tear gas tank capacity 50 l


Rated water flow rate 2 400 l/min
Rated working pressure 1.3 MPa
Rated suction lift 3.0 m


Rated flow rate 800 l/min
Rated pressure 1.0 MPa
Throw range 60 m
Range of movement - horizontal 270°
Range of movement - vertical -15° to +70°
Control remote from driver's cab


Type flat-stream nozzle (170° angle)
Rated flow rate 400 l/min
Rated pressure 1.0 MPa
Throw range 10 m

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