KHA 32 Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3344 6x4

KHA 32 Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3344 6x4

The KHA 32 Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3344 6x4 Multipurpose Fire Fighting Vehicle is designed to suppress fires of highly flammable substances. It can be successfully utilized in both the common fire service and the chemical works, in stores of flammable liquids, and wherever a high risk of fire exists.

It is a fire fighting vehicle of on-road category, designed for operation mainly on metalled roads, weight class S. The purpose-built superstructure is equipped with centrifugal water pump, water tank, two foam concentrate tanks, gas extinguishing system, rapid intervention equipment and roof-mounted monitor.


Vehicle dimensions
Length 9 870 mm
Width2 550 mm
Height at curb weight
3 500 mm
Ground clearance at G.V.W.
200 mm

Vehicle weights

Service weight
14 170 kg
Gross vehicle weight
26 000 kg


Type Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3344 6x4
Engine type
Diesel, supercharged, water-cooled engine
Engine output
320 kW/1 800 min-1
The engine complies with EURO 4 emission standard.
Drive 6x4

with Telligent semi-automatic shifting,

16 gears

Brake system double-circuit air system, ABS
Electrical system voltage
24 V (2 batteries of 12 V 180 Ah)
Fuel tank capacity
(Diesel / AdBlue) 210 l / 95 l
Maximum vehicle speed
100 km/h


Type forward control, tilt cab
Number of seats
1 + 2


Material aluminium profiles, aluminium plate panelling glued-on


Water tank capacity
10 000 l
Foam concentrate tank capacity A + B500 + 300 l
Gas extinguishing system
1 000 kg



Rated water flow rate
3 200 l/min
Rated working pressure
0.8 MPa
Rated suction lift
3.0 m
Water flow rate when pumping
from vehicle tank
5 000 l/min


Rated water flow rate
400 l/min
Rated working pressure
4.0 MPa


Hose dimensions
DN 25/40 m
Branchpipegun type, allowing to control flow rate and discharge cone
Rated flow rate
200 l/min
Rated pressure
4.0 MPa


Rated flow rate
5 000 l/min
Rated pressure
1.0 MPa
Working rotation range - horizontal 270°
- vertical - 20° to +70°


- electric recovery cable winch
- light mast
- electric generator

Technical modifications reserved. 10/2007


KHA 32 Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3344 6x4