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Manufacture of fire appliances in Polička

The main production programme of THT Polička, s.r.o. includes the production of various modifications of fire engines, vehicles and containers for technical rescue and elimination of ecological accidents, as well as the production of custom-made special-purpose vehicles. The complementary production programme includes the production of fittings and fire accessories. Our fire engines are most commonly built on the domestic chassis brand "TATRA", but our current production range includes almost all European chassis brands.


Jan 4, 2016

Another One Fire Truck for Australia

CAS 30 - TATRA 815-7 6x6.1R

Aug 17, 2015

Water Tenders for Slovak firefighters

Delivery of 166 units of Water Tenders "CAS 30 TATRA T815-7 6x6" for the Slovak Republic completed successfully.